Twenty Five Common Mistakes . . . 

  1. Never attending motorcycle school, track day or off road academy.
  2. Never actually trying your reserve tank setting on your bike until you do run out of petrol one day - then it is too late if it is blocked or the bottom of your tank is contaminated.
  3. Allowing your body to push down on the handlebars during heavy braking.
  4. Looking down when cornering instead of looking up, through and towards your exit point.
  5. Looking at the pothole in the road instead of looking past it
  6. Attempting to ride off when you have a disc padlock still in place
  7. Resting the tip of your riding boot on the rear brake lever when riding
  8. Leaving petrol in your tank and allowing your motorbike to stand idle for months.
  9. Stiffening and straightening your arms when you get a fright when riding
  10. Travelling behind the middle of a motor vehicle instead of to one side (behind the tail lights)
  11. Allowing yourself to get dehydrated on a long, hot windy trip
  12. Loosing your temper with border officials when touring
  13. Realising you have no backup plans / equipment / resources when you break down
  14. Thinking that your motorbike repair shop will check all fluid levels during a repair
  15. Pushing the limits during the first ten minutes of riding when your engine and  tyres are cold and when your reflexes are not yet in tune with the motorcycle
  16. During heavy accelerating, hanging onto the handlebars instead of gripping the bike with your legs
  17. Not maintaining the correct following distance when riding in a group
  18. Not lubricating your chain and sprockets on a regular basis
  19. Snapping off the gas and grabbing for the brakes when faced with a bad road surface.
  20. Expecting your motorbike to stop in the same distance with a pillion passenger as without
  21. Joining a group for a long country ride without a full tank of petrol
  22. Buying a pint of oil and dumping the whole can into the sump (in many motorbikes this will overfill the sump)
  23. Reducing your tyre ( tire ) pressure when riding over a dirt road of sharp stones, rocks, ruts and channels (likely to get a puncture and buckle your wheel rims)
  24. Seeing exactly the same image in both rear view mirrors
  25. Blasting straight through an intersection with oncoming vehicles waiting to turn into your path

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