10 Reasons while riding a motorcycle wearing denim jeans is not a good idea

We all ride our motorcycles wearing denim jeans at one time or another. Here are 10 reasons reconsider

1) Denim jeans offer zero abrasion resistance. Therefore the road surface goes right through the cotton in an instant should you have a crash and slide accident

2) The direct blast of cold air onto your knees is a cause of knee problems in older bikers. Jeans offer no extra protection for this sensitive area either from cold or from impact.

3) Denim is not even water resistant. When it rains it gets wet immediately exposing your legs to a wind chill factor many degrees below the surrounding air. This is in particular bad for your knees (see point 2 above)

4) When denim gets wet, it stays wet! Getting your jeans to dry is a time consuming process. If you are touring, washing your jeans and letting them dry overnight is difficult

5) Cotton has zero wicking properties. Thus when you sweat the fabric retains the moisture next to the skin making you uncomfortable. 

6) Cotton cools your body down which for biking is not a good thing. 
"Your body loses heat three time faster in dry cotton than in wool, nylon, or acrylic fibres. Wet cotton cools you down nine times faster than damp wool or synthetic materials". Basic Essentials: Hypothermia. William W Forgey MD

8) Denims lack the features of more professional riding pants e.g. reflective pin stripes for night riding, waterproof pockets etc

9) Jeans are worn low down on the hips and therefore offer no protection from cold, impact or vibration to the vulnerable kidney area

10) Denims offer your hips no protection. This is an area that often takes a pounding in an accident. Unfortunately the skin is very thin at this point making healing a long and painful process.

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