Motorbike training schools in South Africa

This section deals with motorbike schools
All motorcyclists should attend a motorbike training school. Accident studies, common sense and those that have attended tell us that this is the right thing to do. In fact those that have attended usually attend again a year or two later. Courses for beginners, intermediate and experts are offered as well as track days, off road training, superbike school and K53 licence training. (see the page on the K53 Licence). Note that for beginner courses, a bike school that offers you a small motorbike to train on for the day is preferable to one that expects you to 'bring your own'. The reason for this is because your own motorbike is probably bigger and the exercises you will be expected to master are a lot easier on a smaller bike - this same logic applies when taking your motorbike licence test.

Books. There is another option not readily available in South Africa i.e. a training course in book form. This can then be read at your leisure and the skills gradually mastered chapter by chapter on the weekends. These books should be read in conjunction with a weekend biking school course but can work equally well without. Personally I have the book called Proficient Motorcycling - The Ultimate Guide to Riding Well by David L Hough published by Bowtie Press.

African Long Distance Off Road Motorcycle Academy

Off road, Adventure Motorcycle Riding Academy

A 10 level, specialist off road, adventure motorcycling academy that prepares riders to go the distance with zero tolerance for errors. African Long Distance graduates are riders who can bring their motorcycle home

Precision and Control through Balance

Situated in Johannesburg, South Africa

Click here for more info

proficient.jpg (16171 bytes)

The trainer doing his best to instil in the new rider the importance of  keeping  the head up and looking ahead, even when riding slowly in town

There are many excellent books that can teach the new rider a lot like this one by David Hough.

This and many other excellent motorcycling books can be obtained from Motorbooks (011) 325-4460 Jan Smuts Ave, Johannesburg or from White Horse Press (USA) who have a huge range of books, videos, posters, gifts, accessories, tools, novelties etc. (Find links page on the Navigation Page) You can even request a printed catalogue which they will send to you via snail mail. 

What to take to bike school:

Helmet, gloves, riding jacket, extra sweat shirt, spectacles, sun glasses and your receipt. If you are going to use your own motorcycle you must arrive with a full tank of petrol as most schools are miles from malls and shopping centres.

For full day courses they usually provide lunch but you may want to take your own - this is Bike School, run by bikers, not the Hilton! Take sun cream for your face as you will spend most of the day outdoors. Also a bottle of water which you can keep with you. Pupils often return with a headache due to dehydration from being in a hot riding jacket, in the sun all day. This is dangerous especially for a high speed track days.

Below is a list of motorcycle courses, schools and race tracks that have open practice days. The list is in no particular order and I do not personally endorse any of them.  If you know of more please let me know so that I can add them to the list. If you try one out and have a bad experience for whatever reason, please email me so that I can remove them from the list.


Contact details

Country Trax. Motorcycle Off-Road Riding Academy(017) 753 1720 - 083 669 7283
Motorcycle Rider Advancement Centre(011) 839 1660/1
Roto Rookies - Beginner Training the easy way(011) 963 1010 / 082 447 1407. Paul and Lisa. Gauteng
Two Wheels Training Academy - CT
Assist U Drive - CT  082 259 9074
BMW Rider Academy. On road and off road training(012) 374 5414
South African Biking Academy - Clinton Pienaar(011) 791 1783 - 082 904 3693
Zwartkops Raceway for open practice days 082 774 3638
Let's Dance Track Experience - Noel Haarhoff (011) 726 9644
Extreme Enduro Guided Trails - KZN 083 250 0190
Midvaal Raceway, Meyerton for open practice days (016) 364 1277
X Treme SuperBike School 083 455 3581 or 082 443 7835 
Wayne's World Track Days 082 335 0272 or (057) 3573358
Troy Corser's SuperBike Academy (011) 803 8702

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